Our CDC compliant disinfecting & protecting cleaning services will have your office, retail store, place of business and home safe and sanitized!  We have experience disinfecting and deep cleaning: surfaces, desks,  table tops, countertops, keyboards, cabinets, lateral files, chairs/seating, and many more items. We utilize all CDC approved products to fight and protect your homes, offices, place of  business, or corporation from human coronavirus including MERS & SARS-CoV-2. Our cleaning products also fight: flu viruses, allergens, streptococcus pyogenes,  hepatitis c, salmonella, virus, influenza, listeria and other bacteria

More Information on our human coronavirus disinfection and cleaning:

  • We use approved disinfectants and methods including thermal fogging disinfecting & electrostatic disinfecting  to clean and disinfect counters, tabletops, doorknobs, bathroom fixtures, toilets, phones, keyboards, tablets, and bedside tables.
  • We use Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) approved disinfectants to clean human coronavirus.
  • Since the information about Corona Virus is still evolving, we are continually consulting with CDC for updates on solutions and other variations
  • We ensure that any infected or suspected materials are classified as biohazard waste after evaluating the situation and properly disposed of.
  • Our specialized remediation specialists are always equipped with industry grade personal protective gear and high-end full-face respirator masks throughout the cleaning process.
  • We ensure that even the minute or the easily overlooked corners and situations are attended to.